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The Mudurnu Valley (West Anatolia) Earthquake of 22 July 1967

Ambraseys,N. N., Zátopek,A., Taşdemiroğlu,M., Aytun,A.

Sayı: 622/BMS.RD/AVS, 1968/06

A severe earthquake in the west-central part of the Anatolian fault zone occurred on 22 July 1967, causing loss of life and widespread damage. A reconnaissance mission to the area immediately after the earthquake was sent by Unesco at the request of the Turkish Government. This pape gives a summary of the findings of the mission. The earthquake was associated with 80 kilometers of fresh faulting, part of which occurred in a zone ruptured ten years earlier. The sense of movement along the fault-break is right lateral with the north side downthrown. Maximum relative displacements of 190 centimeters lateral and 120 centimeters vertical were measured. Damage caused by shaking in the immediate vicinity of the fault-break was equal to or smaller than that caused at sime distance from the fault. Proximity to the fault-break was found to be an unjustified criterion for higher intensities. The instrumental epicenter of the main shock has been located near the east end of the fault-break. The bulk of the aftershocks is concentrated at the other end of the break, in the extreme west.



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