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Seismic behaviour of cylindrical steel liquid storage tanks

F. H. Hamdan

Journal of Constructional Steel Research

Cilt: 53, Sayı: 3, 307-333, 2000/03

This paper presents a review on the behaviour and design guidelines of cylindrical steel liquid storage tanks subjected to earthquake motion. Field observations during past earthquakes are presented and then used together with finite element analyses and published experimental results to assess the accuracy of current design guidelines, with special emphasis on EUROCODE 8 (EC8), Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures, Part 4: Tanks, Silos and Pipelines (2nd draft, December 1993). The various phenomena addressed in this paper include sloshing and required free board, base shear and overturning moment applied at the base of the tank and the buckling strength of tanks. An important aim of this paper is to determine the areas where current design guidelines need further development.

Anahtar Kelimeler: Liquid storage tanks; Seismic analysis; Seismic design; Guidelines; Fluid structure; Interaction sloshing; Buckling

Elsevier Science Ltd.

DOI: 10.1016/S0143-974X(99)00039-5



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