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Simple procedure for seismic analysis of liquid-storage tanks

Praveen K. Malhotra, Thomas Wenk, Martin Wieland

Structural Engineering International

Cilt: 3, 197-2001, 2000

This paper provides the theoretical background of a simplified seismic design procedure for cylindrical ground-supported tanks. The procedure takes into account impulsive and convective (sloshing) actions of the liquid in flexible steel or concrete tanks fixed to rigid foundations. Seismic responses – base shear, overturning moment, and sloshing wave height – are calculated by using the site response spectra and performing a few simple calculations. An example is presented to illustrate the procedure, and a comparison is made with the detailed modal analysis procedure. The simplified procedure has been adopted in Eurocode 8.

Cambridge University Press

DOI: 10.3929/ethz-a-006032188



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