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Review of code provisions on seismic analysis of liquid storage tanks

O.R. Jaiswal, Durgesh C. Rai, Sudhir K. Jain

Sayı: IITK-GSDMA-EA04-V1.0, 2003

In the first part of this paper (Jaiswal, et. al., 2003), provisions from various international codes on design seismic forces for liquid storage tanks were reviewed. This paper reviews provisions related with the analysis and modeling aspects. These aspects include mechanical analogue of tank, time period of lateral and vertical mode of vibration, hydrodynamic pressure distribution, sloshing wave height, soil-structure interaction etc. The codes reviewed are: ACI 350.3, AWWA standards, API 650, NZSEE guidelines and Eurocode 8. It is noted that all the codes use mechanical analogues to evaluate hydrodynamic forces, particularly due to lateral base excitation. The provisions on inclusion of effect of vertical excitation are not covered in all codes. Provisions of soil-structure interaction, buried tanks, flexibility of piping are either not addressed or are given in only qualitative terms. A brief description on limitations in Indian code is also presented.


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