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Seismic risk of atmospheric storage tanks by probit analysis

G. Fabbrocino, I. Iervolino, E. Salzano

Safety and Reliability: Proceedings of ESREL 2003, European Safety and Reliability Conference

Editörler: Tim Bedford


ABSTRACT: The risk assessment of industrial facilities isbased on availability of integrated procedures to quantify human, environmental and economical losses related to relevant accidents, thus including earthquake actions. Accordingly, results of seismic risk analysis has to be integrated into quantitative risk analysis either for single establishment or for entire industrial areas. Moreover, it’s worth noting that the evaluation of the "domino effect" leads risk analysts to take into accountthe escalation of industrial accident even starting from a relatively minor natural event such as low-intensity earthquakes. In this paper, some considerations are given regarding the intensity and probability of occurrence of earthquakes and the vulnerability of atmospheric storage tanks subjected to seismic actions. Eventually, structural vulnerability and seismic hazard have been compared aiming at defining a simple and useful statistic tool as the "probit analysis". Some indications on the industrial seismic-related accidental scenarios are also given.

Taylor & Francis Ltd.

15-18 June 2003, Maastricht, the Netherlands

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