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Estimation of Earthquake Damage to Buried Pipelines Caused by Ground Shaking

S. Toprak, F. Taşkın

Natural Hazards

Cilt: 40, Sayı: 1, 1-24, 2007

One of the most critical lessons of the recent earthquakes is the need for seismic planning for lifelines, with appropriate supplies and back up systems for emergency repair and restoration. Seismic planning, however requires physical loss estimations before the earthquakes occur. Buried pipeline damage correlations are critical part of loss estimation procedures applied to lifelines for future earthquakes. We review the existing pipeline damage relationships only for ground shaking (transient ground deformations) in the light of recent developments and evaluate them with Denizli City, Turkey water supply system. Eight scenario earthquakes with four different earthquake magnitudes between M6 and M7 caused by two different fault ruptures (Pamukkale and Karakova-Akhan Faults) were used. Analyses were performed by using Geographical Information Systems (GIS). This high number of different scenario earthquakes made it possible to compare the pipeline damage relationships at different ground shaking levels. Pipeline damage estimations for Denizli City were calculated for each damage relationship and earthquake scenario. Relative effects of damage relationships and scenario earthquakes on the results were compared and discussed. The results were presented separately for brittle, ductile, and all pipelines. It was shown that the variation in ductile pipeline damage estimations by various relationships was higher than the variation in brittle pipeline damage estimations for a particular scenario earthquake.

Anahtar Kelimeler: seismic damage, Denizli, lifelines, loss estimation, pipelines, ground shaking, transient ground deformation (TGD)


DOI: 10.1007/s11069-006-0002-1



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